Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video Game Birthday Party 2009

Nasim's 9Th Birthday Celebration
This year my son turned the Big 9 years of age for his birthday celebration we wanted to do something a little different and age appropriate. Since he is turning 9 , he is over the "kiddie" type parties, so I had to come up with something that would be fun and creative and he and his friends would truly enjoy, So I came up with a Video Game Party! What could be more fun then nine year old friends and Adults enjoying some of our favorite games!

First thing First we had to do is take a pictureto come up with a cool invitations

Customized Sign acknowledging the birthday boy!

we covered the windows to keep the atmosphere dark to
give the arcade feeling at the house. Added some upside
down balloons to indicate this is a "party"

We added an inflatable big screen and put the game system
to the projector to Create "BIG FUN"

additional TVs & game systems were added along the wall
to give various choices of games to be played

Layout of the treat table popcorn bags to take along to
the game station with you and a mini candy bar

Made some pac man shapes from craft foam
Personalize Party Favors made for the guest
having some bubble gum balls and a Rubiks cube to keep
the "game" theme going....