Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chris Brown Inspired Party

Just recently I had the pleasure of designing a Chris Brown Inspired Party!
Our goodies table! With custom sign , cupcake toppers & bath salt favors
Printed out pictures of Chris Brown and put them in frames
Birthday girl Taylor was totally surprised by her guest and setup!
bath salt favors given to all the overnight guest~
custom water bottle labels created
custom cupcake toppers

custom VIP passes created for the girls!
Custom Guest book to write down birthday wishes & favorite stories
Good food~
custom ticket invitations

Happy Birthday Taylor! So Glad you had a Great Time!

Food By: Zaxby's & Publix
Cupcakes : Ingles


  1. Its all abt C. Breezy, huh!!
    Love it!

  2. Great job Elisha! Nice shots too! I showed it to my little sister (14) and she loved it.

  3. Thanks you all!!! It was allot of fun to create and capture!!!

  4. Oh my...this is fabulous! I can not let my daughter see you travel? AWESOME work!!!

  5. Where did you get those invites? I really want something extremely close to that for my son's party? But I want him on it not Chris Brown.

  6. This party idea was pretty awesome. For online party supplies NZ, visit

  7. Woah! Someone is a huge fan! That’s great! I never thought we could just have a ‘person’ themed party as well. It is actually looking superb! The cupcakes look delicious. I wish I could just have it. My daughter is also turning 13 and she loves Drake. I would love to take up this idea for her. Also, I still have to finalize one of the Los Angeles event venues for her birthday celebration.