Thursday, October 22, 2009

DYI Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Here is a simple cost effective DYI pumpkin costume

Farmer of the Pumpkin Patch & A pumpkin (that's me wearing the dyi pumpkin costume)

Materials needed:

1 Plastic Pumpkin leaf bag

1 spool of ribbon(black or orange)

measuring tape

Take out the Pumpkin Bag
measure distant across and cut out arm holes

measure distance down to cut holes for legs

make sure the cuts are (big enough for arms &legs to fit in)

measure about 6-8inches down from the top to the bag

take and cut slits 1 inch apart

you want to weave ribbon in & out around the neck of the bag

At this point , the costume is complete.

Place the bag on and tie of the ribbon(not too tight) around the neck and your complete.
You are a big pumpkin!

Simple & Easy Halloween Costume!

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