Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebration of Life

It's a celebration of Life
Happy Birthday Dad!

A time of reflection of time of rememberance

It's hard to believe its been 2 years since I hosted my celebration of Life. It was a celebration of my new life that was on its way December 2007. I summons all my friends and family to my celebration. I didn't want a "babyshower" type of thing, but a celebration to bring my family & friends together for a good time.

Months before time, I put out a save the date cards

A couple weeks before the celebration I sent out the custom made invitations
I love Karoke, and my karoke machine was a big part of the party! We song the song Celebration by Kool & the gang.
We went around the room asking everyone, "how do you know this couple"

and we read our custom advise card out loud

The best part of it all was my money tree theme, this idea I came up with (being the practical) person I am, I wanted to do a pressure free party, no one obligated to do anything but come out and have a good time. (any money given by guest were placed in a small custom made envelopes and cliped on the tree,only visible money were these custom US dollars that I made for the celebration)

Folks , Food & Mingling! Thats what I wanted. Thanks for your Presence!

**All the while my dad spirit was with me and my family on that day. It was his birthday, Now that was a celebration & my new addition was and is an extention of his life.

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Oh girl you making me tear up!

    What a beautiful way to remember your father... Hugs...

  2. Elisha,
    You are so creative! You inspire me so much.