Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl party etiquette for the "non football fan"

With the Super Bowl being a week away I decided to compile of list of what NOT to do for the non football fans that may attend a party. This list was compiled by some friends Many great suggestions were given.

1. Don't Go

2. Don't Try to act like a football fan

3. Don't wear a jersey of a team not playing

4. Don't make a perdiction with no football knowledge

5. Don't have a super bowl theme song as your ring tone

6. Don't try to fire up a grill in February ( for those who live in Snow country)

7. Do not talk about anything other then football during the game

8. Don't dress in Janet Jackson attire and have a wardrobe malfunction

9. Don't pretend you know what they are talking about.

10.Don't bring Madden 2010 and encourage others to play

These Don'ts were courtesy of My facebook friends .... Thanks all!

Now we have suggestions for a few Do's of attending a Super Bowl Party!

Sip slowly clap when the crowd claps, cuss when the crowd cusses,
say WHAT? when they get curious stares, then help clean up


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