Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Back Friday! (My 35th Birthday Party)

For my 35th Birthday Party I decided to host myself a 70's theme party! There was so much to celebrate during that time I was turning 35 and we were days from the inauguration of President Barack Obama! It was most definitely a time to party!
I started off with an inspiration from a photoshoot I had did a while back...
The invites were nice and colorful to set the tone of the party
To cut down on lots of expenses I Hosted the party at my house and I created lots of elements to bring the 70's feel & party scene. I made cutouts of popular 70's shows and popular drinks and hung them around. I purchase the scene setter from Party city and hung it around the room. I had a disco ball in my party stash and I borrowed some lava lamps from my niece. DJ I POD was really had the party going with my 70's music play list I created. I made my own Step and repeat photo area. My food and drink was donated by a close friend of mine. We had a best costume contest in which I gave the winners mini tropies... Costumes were judge by the amount of applause for each contestant!
Since that time in 2009 I have learned so much and if I had to do again , I would add so much more custom decor to the party! Thanks to all the people that inspire me.... blog roll please..........

Happy Friday!

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