Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a small List.... I want to Thank you !

Wow! It's hard to believe we are just about out of September. Before we close out the month, My desire this month was to give a public shout out to some special people that have encouraged me on my journey of Kustom Kreation... and before my anniversary month is over............. Drum Roll please.... I would like to Thank you...

Erika Gavin-Friend supporter been down from the beginning............ !

Mrs. Judy Gamble-From the day we were introduced you have been a cheerleader and supporter in so many wonderful ways

Tonyia Nelson - Friend , support, confidant, helper and so much more....

Mrs Brandi Starr-you were one of the first social networking individual I made contact with and I am so very grateful! You've exposed myself to many exciting things & people...

Mrs Jade Ladson-Thank you for your support & friendship I love being kept up on my toes

Mrs Vera Gayle -reconized the talent in me that pushed me forward to begin the custom decoration part of my business

Mrs Velma McMullen-Friend and very strong support been down with me long before the beginning of the Kustom shop. Your wedding was the 1st for me!

Bernecia Thomas -Friend , supporter... word of mouth guru

Melissa Williams-friend , supporter always believe in myself... your wedding was the 2nd one I had the opportunity to shoot!

Catherine McCoy-friend , supporter, encourager... It's been a fabulous journey

Mr. "AJ" James -Love at 1st site! When I first met this talented catered I knew this was the start of a wonderful relationship and it truly has been. The best is yet to come!

Mrs. Deniece Hafeez - Family, friend, supporter Giving me the courage to encouraging words I needed to pursue my wedding photography. It was such a pleasure to work with you on your clients wedding event

Mr. Carl Jaudon- Friend, mentor totally appreciate the reaching out and assisting me with my love of photography!

Mr. Tahir White-Where should I begin/Instructor, supporter and more . The Photoshop in a flash lesson is so much appreciated... it has helped me so on my journey!

Mr. Antar Rowe- Instuctor, supporter , marketing assistant , confidant and so much more... !

Sherida Rasul- sister, supporter & friend....

Mrs. Carla Taylor -supporter & friend...

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Rodriguez- supporters & friend... totally appreciate the love you've showed me!

Torya Fuller-supporter and friend

Billy Vernon-supporter and friend

This is just a small list of folks that I wanted to recognized openly.

Each of you have done something that impacted my journey and I am eternally grateful!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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