Friday, December 3, 2010

Paper Flower Holiday Centerpiece

Last weekend I had the privilege of helping my cousin style her Under Construction Theme Baby Shower, We created a simple tissue paper pom pom to be displayed as a centerpiece, well Grandma thought it was so pretty and ask me to create a holiday one for her, I was delighted to do so for her! Here are the instructions on how you can create your own for yourself or others .

What you will need:
glass vase/cylinder
tissue paper
floral wire
Christmas ornaments
glue (I used a hot glue gun for this project)

First I pulled out some glass vases I already owned, Next I picked up some tissue paper and Christmas ornaments from the Dollar Tree.
Filled the Vase up with the various colors of ornaments

Next I created a smaller size pom pom about 6x6 inches of tissue paper and created the Martha Stewart pom pom next I tied the small poms together using some floral wire and then I was working to position the poms on top of the vase
You could use hot glue to seal it down to stay in place
a small piece of ribbon was glued around the neck of the vase, red ribbon bow was glue on to give it a little add of cuteness, also I had some left over bells from a recent silver bells invitation created and I glued it on top of the red bow
There you have a simple and easy colorful holiday centerpiece!


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