Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cameron's Bikini Bottom Bash!

My son turned 3 this past December and we threw him a Spongebob bikini bottom Bash!
My homemade cupcakes chocolate and Vanilla....
shh.... (Duncan Hine Mix!) with custom made toppers!
Instead of the ever so popular candy buffet, we decided to go with a snack buffet with pretzels and cheddar cheese fish , cheese puffs, and air pops and of course we had to
add some krabby pattys!

Coloring Station
used plain white bags with custom tags created to bring the theme together!

I love using some images of my little one for decoration celebrating his life with a few images taken within the year!
A Spongebob video game area was also set up for additional activites....
Can you tell he knows what he doing....
Oh what fun with the ever so popular Photo booth..
Everyone has to get a picture at the photo booth! Created by purchasing a plastic table cloth and put on a wall and it worked very well as a wonderful and creative backdrop!

Always for a great Than you gift we send each guest along with our Thank you note a picture from the photo booth!

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