Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dating Games LA

Dating Games LA was the brainchild of Actor/Producer Adriane McLean. Her idea was to create an Interactive, Comedic, webseries that centered around the Dating exploits of three twenty-something women in crazy LA. Not long after that, Adriane teamed up with Director/Producer/Writer -Nicoya Davidson & Producer/Editor/Cinematographer - Charles W. Davidson. In just a few months DatingGames LA has produced Nine 1st Season Episodes, Four 2nd Season Episodes, 3 wildly popular Spoof Music Videos & several Vlogs + the New ASK US ANYTHING Vlogs. In just a few months they have built a strong following online by remainingpersistent in producing quality material & aligning themselves with the viral stars of Youtube. Dating Games LA now has over 1700 subscribers and over 217,000 video views. Through hard work, persistence, and constant marketing --- they are actually becoming a Youtube force to be reckoned with. Check it out and you're guaranteed to laugh out loud..

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