Monday, February 22, 2010

Angels and Ancestors Watchin Over

About Angels and Ancestors Watchin Ovr©
In 1989 Ms. Jerrye Williams-Camp, an inspirational artist ahead of her time, began handcrafting Angels Watchin Ovr© for an Afro American Christmas tree she designed for her children’s’ enjoyment. The tree displayed angels carrying a gift. The angels held instruments; gift wrapped packages, doves, or baskets filled with bread or fruits (all handcrafted by the artist). The tree drew attention and interest from friends and family. The business of Angels Watchin Ovr© quickly grew in demand, to the hand production of 500(one-of-a-kind) collectible angels for the season’s celebrations of Christmas and Kwanzaa.
February’s Black History Month, 1990, led to the making of the Ancestors Watchin Ovr©. The Ancestors depict the Kings, Queens ,Warriors, Medicine Men, Ministers and Children; carrying scrolls with passages, rods and staffs, shields with spears, medicine bags, baskets filled with bread and even babies in the arms of Mothers.
Interest grew and folks began to donate fabrics and remnants of jewelry contributing to the making of angels and ancestors. She returns the heartfelt sharing by making an angel or ancestor for those who contribute, as well as, giving an angel to someone who might need the uplift.
Angels and Ancestors Watchin Ovr© have no faces painted… Why? “I decided not to paint or draw a face; and allow people to look into their minds eye to
visually place the face of their ancestor and angel. ” -Ms.Williams-Camp
Angels and Ancestors Watchin Ovr© are simply reminders of God’s love for us, and the reminder of our ancestors’ position in standing firm on His Foundation.
These 2009 works are dedicated to my Mother, my Children and all the Friends and Family
who have always encouraged me in my artistic endeavors.
May God bless and keep you all,
Gratefully yours,
Ms. Jerrye Williams-Camp

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