Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cakes by Helema

Cake Designer Helema R. Kelly is a sugar artist whose work explores the connection between food art and fine arts. She began working in the baking field while serving her country in Germany. Her remarkable cakes have been the centerpieces of many events here in Georgia. Kelly, as she is known my most her friends, enjoys creating cakes with attitude and cake that displays the whimsical personality of her clients. "My grandmother and Mom started me on this path. I 've always helped my grandmother make pound cakes for the family and plenty of her friends. My mother had a knack for creating pretty artwork from things she would find at thrift stores, so I just combined the two crafts to make beautiful and great tasting cakes. For me, cake decorating is like therapy, you are one on one with your thoughts and being creative, no intrusion, just peace and creativity."

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