Saturday, February 20, 2010


commonground was created in 2004 by Sherman Wright and Ahmad Islam. What prompted them both to leave executive positions at prominent Chicago agencies was simple: the passion to fill a significant void in the agency space. There was no agency fully equipped to address the “new marketplace” – a diverse and dynamic landscape comprised of the traditionally defined general market and a rapidly evolving multicultural consumer population.
Understanding brand’s desire for agency partners that not only understand the “new marketplace” but take an innovative approach to connecting with consumers, commonground’s “cross consumer marketing” approach provides a means for the agency to be cross-cultural and multi-channel while not being restricted to or driven by pre-determined media tactics. This flexibility provides our clients with an approach that is nimble, efficient and effective in reaching their target consumers.
Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Atlanta and Houston, commonground’s growing staff of diversely talented CGers is ready to conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving New Marketplace.

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