Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fast Moving Business Support

Fast Moving Business Support /virtual assistant/ internet based company

Angel Muhammad Owner

Fast Moving Business Support
Angel Muhammad carries a Masters in Business Administration and has over ten (10) years of experience providing effective and comprehensive business support to private and public sectors. She has a flawless record in protecting records and confidential information systems and works diligently for her clients. She is very organized and efficient in her work. Her verbal and written skills are are well developed and she gives great time and attention to all details of her work assignments.Significant Career Achievement

* Implementation of process improvement strategies that contributed to significant revenue increase of over $2.5 million dollars per month.
* Effectively managed all key performance metrics for twenty (20) law firms through Commercial Legal Software (CLS) to accurately forecast bi-monthly receivables, projected work volume and scorecare performance evalation.
* Significantly enhanced staff moral and improved teamwork by organizaing staff monthly meetings where accomplishements, problems and improvements were discussed and implementation strategies were developed.
* Planned, developed and conducted educational trainings and volunteer recruitment programs.


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