Thursday, February 25, 2010

S. Lene' Planning & Consulting

A few years ago, S. Lene' Planning & Consulting was an intriguing dreamin the mind of owner Shanique L. Stevenson. In 2008, she chose to makethat dream a reality after taking opportunities to plan any family orsocial events. Shanique hones her event planning skills serving as anactive volunteer for several organizations and is currently in the processof becoming the Event Coordinator for a volunteer nonprofitorganization. Her love for helping others is the basis on which S. Lene'Planning & Consulting was founded. S. Lene' Planning & Consultingprovides services from planning the most intimate of events toconsulting small business owners on events for their companies. Usingher extreme passion in helping others, Shanique works diligently inhelping the visions of one be seen by many. Shanique can usually befound at local events in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area or in a nearbylearning location soaking up as much knowledge as she can about event planning.In the event planning world, Shanique brings all of her knowledge,expertise and innovation into her business to create events ofsophistication and style.Whenever you need help in planning your event, you can depend on S.Lene' Planning & Consulting for the occasional helping hand everyoneneeds.

Shanique L. Stevenson, Notary Public S. Lene' Planning & Consulting

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